Our Services section provides visitors with up-to-date monthly activity reports, quarterly reports, annual reports, market briefs, guidebooks, and special reports.

Education decision-makers use the Center’s convenient website, which provides local, state, and national resources and information on our six industry clusters.  We focus on providing access for students and the industry workforce to industry news through our guidebooks, which include our “Career Pathways Program Guide”, Volunteer Resources, and Internship Guidebook for Employers.

Our Issues Brief, Program Reviews, and Special Reports provide information on our CTC training, education programs, trends, and career research, information on our state’s K-12 systems of Skills Centers, colleges, and universities, and resources available for our veterans, women, and gives a foundation for relevant Bachelors of Applied Science and master’s degrees offered in the region.

The Career Pathway Programs Guide is available online and can be downloaded for a print version.  Our guides and handbooks section on our website includes our guides developed as part of our participation in the state’s Prior Learning Workgroup “Guide to Establishing Military Pathways”, “Pathways Mapping”, “Crosswalk Development – Deep Dive” and our guide which was developed to help our CTC colleges develop innovative collaborations and sharing of curriculum and programs called “Guide to Establishing Online Program Collaboration”.

Our Services section provides education leaders with research-based content that includes perspectives from industry experts and public-sector peers.  We provide current thinking, best practices, tips for successful program implementation and professional development guidance, access and dissemination of industry news via eNews and Bulletins, website, and social media.

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