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The work experience marketplace was created to help students, employers and educators identify the latest jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities under the professional pathway of Homeland Security-Emergency Management. Use the portals below to submit or research the latest job, internship, and volunteer opportunities.

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Research the latest job opportunities in Criminal Justice, Medical Services, Fire Service, Homeland Security-Emergency Management, Occupational Safety, and Cyber Security. Find a job that fits your area of interest.



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Research the latest volunteer opportunities under the pathway of Homeland Security-Emergency Management. You may also submit an upcoming volunteer opportunity or request to be connected with a volunteer organization.


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Use this page to submit a job opportunity or internship under the career pathway of Homeland Security Emergency Management. After your job has been submitted, it will be approved by our staff and posted to the job marketplace.


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Stay up-to-date on the latest job, internship, and volunteer resources in the field of Homeland Security-Emergency Management. The resources will help you locate a career in HSEM or a related area of study.


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The Center of Excellence for Homeland Security Emergency Management promotes a large collection of pathway programs. We have identified six career pathway categories that fall under the umbrella of HSEM.