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Our Center provides statewide leadership which supports diversity and ensures the industry’s academic programs remain cutting-edge.

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The Center of Excellence for Homeland Security-Emergency Management (HSEM) helps state community and technical colleges (CTC) prepare a skilled workforce to help maintain our national security, ensure an effective response to all hazards events through education and training initiatives, and build disaster resilience in our communities. Our goal is to provide effective leadership and coordination that rapidly responds to the interests of educational institutions and workforce training needs of the HSEM (all hazard) business and industry sectors across the state.

From our offices at Pierce College in Lakewood, Washington, we accomplish this through working with a coalition of all 34 community and technical colleges, public agencies, and private sector organizations.

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  • Provide effective leadership and coordination that rapidly responds to the interests of education institutions and workforce training needs of the Homeland Security Emergency Management business and industry sectors across Washington State.
  • Support and enhance economic development through collaborative processes and partnerships by supplying leadership training and coordination that link education and industry needs.
  • Promote and establish clear career pathways in Homeland Security and Emergency Management and other related fields to advance the state’s preparedness, response and recovery industry needs.
  • Serve as an educational resource that creates and shares model curricula, educational pathways, degree/certificate programs, industry specific skill standards and best practices.
  • Help prepare a skilled workforce to maintain our national security and effectively respond to all hazard events through education and training.
  • Promote, support and disseminate research regarding diversity and inclusion in Emergency Management.
  • Continually help communities prepare for disasters and build community resilience which is essential for speedy economic recovery after any emergency or disaster and is important to establishing sustainable communities across our state.
  • Access to industry news and training programs via the website.
  • Degree/certificate programs and continuing education.
  • Collaborate with educational institutions to address workforce training needs.
  • Promote Homeland Security and Emergency Management training opportunities through regional conferences, seminars, and trade shows.
  • Provide access to a convenient website that provides linkage to local, state and national resources and information about Homeland Security and Emergency Management.
  • Provide support for curriculum development, enhancement and expansion.
  • Provide information about and attend professional development workshops and conferences.
  • Provide access to resources, training and education that can better prepare a community to deal with disastrous events.
  • Create practical ways to implement the enhancement of diversity and inclusion into our all-hazard career pathways.

The Center is dedicated to moving HSEM training and education forward with cutting edge knowledge and experience.

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