Centers of Excellence

In 2009, Washington became the first and only state in the nation to codify Centers of Excellence into state statue. Ten centers across the state were created to represent a strategy to serve as economic development drivers for industry and education.

Washington’s Centers of Excellence shall serve as statewide support to business, industry, labor and the state’s educational systems for the purpose of creating a highly skilled and readily available workforce critical to the success of the industries driving the state’s economy and supporting Washington families.

11 Centers of Excellence

Washington’s 11 Centers of Excellence serve as a statewide coalition to help provide resources for business, industry, and education.

Core Expectations

Who We Serve

  • Educators – Connect to industry to help your students be ready for the workforce.

  • Industry Businesses – Ensure your workers have the skills they need to keep your company competitive.

  • Legislators – Drive economic development in your district and across the state.

What We Do

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COE Knowledge
COE Resources