Project Description

Criminal Justice Industry Description

The Criminal Justice pathway includes the processes and
interactions between the police, courts, and
correctional services. Whether it’s the police that keeps our streets
and families safe, the advocates protecting victims’ rights, or
the corrections officers that monitor our jails and prisons, public
safety is significantly impacted by these professionals. Those who pursue
this pathway will become a part of one of those three systems and
enforce local, state, and federal laws within their jurisdiction.


The goal of a program in this pathway is to teach students to analyze
and think critically about the practices, policies, procedures, and
institutions that make up the field of Criminal Justice. Students will
gain a strong understanding of the integral relationship between
crime, justice, and society and will study crime prevention, law
enforcement, and criminal justice ethics, the psychology of victims,
and crisis de-escalation and intervention.

Develop Skills In Criminal Justice

  • Understanding criminal law in
    Washington State.
  •  Resolving conflict in a variety of situations.
  • Analyzing how a case proceeds through
    the criminal justice system.
  • Applying basic methods of police
    patrol, operations, and management.
  • Apply basic investigative techniques for
    developing solutions to crime problems.
  • Secure and process a crime scene,
    employing proper techniques of evidence
    gathering, searching, sketching and
    on-scene interviewing.


  • Probation and Parole Officer
  • Private Investigator
  • Bailiff
  • Police Officer
  • DetectivE
  • Security Guard
  • Communication/Call Taker
Criminal Justice Degree Options