Guide to Homeland Security-Emergency Management Career Pathways

The field of Homeland Security Emergency Management (HSEM) is broad and includes many areas of work responsibilities. We have identified six career pathways, including degrees in Criminal Justice, Technology and Cyber Security, Emergency Medical and Health Services, Fire Service, Homeland Security Emergency Management, and Occupation Health and Safety that are groups of shared skills and responsibilities of occupations in this field. Each pathway addresses a different career cluster within the program area of Homeland Security Emergency Management.

Use this pathways guide to help discover different programs and degrees in the state of Washington that fall under these career options.

Washington Career Pathways
Pathway Resource Guidebook

The center promotes educational pathway programs, which include a wide variety of professional degree areas.

Career Pathways



The Pre-Law pathway involves learning various multifaceted programs relating to how lows work, how they're made, and how to apply to society and law in general.

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The Paralegal pathway involves working as a member of legal teams in law firms, business, government, and social service organizations.

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Forensics is concerned with the recognition, identification, individualization, and evaluation of physical evidence using the methods of natural sciences.

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Programs in Corrections will provide students with an understanding of the adult and juvenile criminal justice processes, its agencies, and personnel.

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Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice pathway includes the processes and interactions that occur between the police, courts, and correctional services.

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Fire Service

The Fire Service pathway deals with things like fire protection, fire prevention planning, fire education, and emergency preparedness.

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Occupational Safety & Health

Occupational Safety and Health professionals work to prevent accidents and health hazards to workers, the community, and the environment.

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Technology & Cyber Security

Those who pursue the Cyber Security pathway will develop and use the skills necessary to detect, document, and counter virtual security threats.

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