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Jim has spent 3 decades in emergency management, including 12 years at the local level as director of the City of Seattle’s Office of Emergency Management and 8 and a half years as Washington State’s Emergency Management Division Director. Jim retired from state service in March 2013. Jim also served as President of the National Emergency Management Association (NEMA) from January 2011 to October 2012. He is currently sole proprietor of “EM Northwest Consulting” based in Seattle.

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WTO riots and Y2K (1999) Podcast

“There is Too Much: Let Me Sum Up” – December 2020

“There is Too Much: Let Me Sum Up” - Emergency Management Once Removed 2020 By Jim Mullen Emergency Management, Once Removed January: “Government’s Trust Deficit: A Possible Antidote” proposed that emergency managers “devise exercises in which the public can participate, to “penetrate the divisive “white noise” that makes essential government messaging difficult to transmit [...]

In Other News… – November 2020

In Other News (Or Let’s Get Back to Governing) By Jim Mullen Emergency Management, Once Removed Nov 10, 2020: “Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler today delivered recommendations to create a statewide disaster resilience office to Gov. Jay Inslee, the Legislature and other state leaders, as recommended by the Disaster Resiliency Work Group. “  When I drifted into semi [...]

A Word to Emergency Managers About 2020

A Word to Emergency Managers About 2020 By Jim Mullen Emergency Management, Once Removed Note to Readers: This commentary first appeared in the National Emergency Management Association’s (NEMA) October edition of Ready Nation: People. Since I had the privilege of serving as both a local and state emergency management director, it has been suggested [...]

About Us – October 2020

About Us By Jim Mullen Emergency Management, Once Removed  Black slaves once were counted in the Census as 3/5 human beings, a “compromise” that inflated slave states’ population, boosting their representation in Congress (and the Electoral College).  In 1876 Rutherford B. Hayes ascended to the Presidency after a disputed election largely because he agreed [...]

Happy 5th Year Anniversary of Jim Mullen’s blog, Emergency Management, Once Removed

By Kellie Hale At our 2015 Educators and Practitioners Summit, which celebrated the Center’s 10th year since its formation, Jim Mullen was one of our keynote speakers. I was amazed by Jim’s ability to tell a story. After the Forum, I knew I needed to get Jim to be our blogger. With his over [...]

“Whither Emergency Management?” – September 2020

“Whither Emergency Management?” Emergency Management, Once Removed By Jim Mullen Prompted by a series of racially charged incidents involving the use of force by police, the Seattle City Council is intent on reducing or “redirecting” SPD’s budget resources. Among the Mayor’s counter - proposals is the transfer of the all-civilian Office of Emergency Management [...]

Walls or Bridges? – July 2020

Walls or Bridges? By Jim Mullen Emergency Management, Once Removed News about the COVID-19’s rising infection and mortality count is available 24/7. Overwhelming video evidence of police violence and all-too-frequent indifference of the justice system to police misconduct is both inescapable and nauseating. Despite incontrovertible evidence of a pandemic crisis or the existence of [...]

Reconciliation versus Resistance: Which Will Win?

Readers: Occasionally I review previously posts to avoid repeating myself (unless I want to!). The 2016 piece that I wrote entitled “Reconciliation versus Resistance”: Which will Win” seems relevant in 2020. What do you think? Jim Reconciliation versus Resistance: Which will Win? By Jim Mullen Emergency Management, Once Removed, November, 2016 After this year’s [...]

Leaders R’ Us – April 2020

Leaders R’ Us By Jim Mullen Emergency Management, Once Removed Historians are fascinated with leaders that guided their constituents through a daunting crisis. Likewise, they are similarly fascinated by leaders whose judgment and political skill resulted in legislative success that had eluded their predecessors. It’s certain historians will scrutinize and evaluate the leadership models [...]

Resilience: Bending Without Breaking – March 2020

Resilience: Bending Without Breaking By Jim Mullen Emergency Management, Once Removed To “bend but not break” may seem more like a description of a National Football League team’s defensive strategy - keeping the opponent’s offense between the 20 - yard lines, never yielding a touchdown. While a field goal still is possible three points [...]

It’s Dusk in America – February 2020

It’s Dusk in America By Jim Mullen Emergency Management, Once Removed Consider this: “As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight where everything remains seemingly unchanged.” William O Douglas Everything in our nation may seem “normal”. The Super Bowl happened. Pitchers and catchers will report [...]

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