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Developing an Effective OSHA/ WISHA Compliance Program

Developing an Effective OSHA/ WISHA Compliance Program presentation.
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Natural Hazards Mitigation Association Disaster Risk Documentation

News from the Natural Hazards Mitigation Association: NHMA has released its update of the venerable Patchwork Quilt white paper which went though some 50 or so editions over the past 20+ years.
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Maybe We Should Take Our Issues To Jared? – Emergency Management, Once Removed, May, 2017

It’s sometimes difficult to see too far into the future, particularly when we seem locked perpetually into an uncertain present. While we await the direction the Trump Administration will take in homeland security and emergency management...
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Notes from NEMA Mid-Year – Emergency Management, Once Removed, April, 2017

The National Emergency Management Association held its midyear forum in Alexandria, Virginia March 20-24. As a past president, I serve on standing committees to which past presidents are assigned as liaisons.
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Securing the Supply Chain Forum – April 26, 2017

This year’s Forum will help lead the discussion on addressing food safety in the global trade and supply chain industry. Food manufacturers are now looking to achieve seamless traceability of products to its local growers and individual farms.
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Re-packaging Preparedness Messaging – Emergency Management, Once Removed, March, 2017

Three days’ preparedness was, and still is, considered reasonable for most disasters we may endure, be it flood, fire, storm or even minor earthquakes. Even in a just - in - time society, it remains a manageable goal for most people.
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Emergency Preparedness Hazard Vulnerability Analysis Tool

Kaiser Permanente has developed a Hazard Vulnerability Analysis tool which is available for download as a planning resource. Individuals or organizations using this tool are solely responsible for any hazard assessment and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
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Renton Tech

Developing a Clery Compliance Committee

Historically, the burden of complying with the Clery Act has been largely relegated to the campus police or public safety department because schools have narrowly viewed this Federal law to be limited to disclos­ing crime statistics.
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2017-2021: The Road Ahead – Emergency Management, Once Removed, February, 2017

A new Administration through budget and policy initiatives will soon impact emergency management and homeland security priorities. We must consider what we can support, and how best to oppose and amend what we regard as unwise or unjust.
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Government Groups

Intersection of Title IX and the Clery Act

The purpose of this chart is to clarify the reporting requirements of Title IX and the Clery Act in cases of sexual violence and to resolve any concerns about apparent conflicts between the two laws. To date, the Department of Education has not identified...
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Annual Security Report Checklist – Clery Center for Security on Campus

While the Annual Security Report Checklist contains discussions of general legal principles and specific laws, it is neither intended to be given as legal advice nor as practice of law and should not be relied upon by readers as such.
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Cascadia Exercise Retrospective – Washington State Emergency Management Association (WSEMA)

Cascadia was exercised at various levels of government, jurisdiction and tribal nation this past June. The Exercise unveiled gaping holes in our response capabilities and plans. Some we had already known about, secretly hoping we would never experience a true event...
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Emergency Drill

The Difference Between “Good” and “Great” – Emergency Management, Once Removed, January, 2017

The answer to the reporter’s very legitimate question is the difference between having good leadership and great leadership in government. The governors and mayors I served were all “good” leaders (and good persons) who cared about doing their jobs effectively for their constituents.
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Oklahoma Tornado

National Higher Education Emergency Management Needs Assessment Report

In 2015, the National Center for Campus Public Safety, in partnership with the Disaster Resilient Universities Network and the International Association of Emergency Managers-Universities and Colleges Caucus, sponsored a nationwide study to identify...
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So, About Earthquakes – Emergency Management, Once Removed, December, 2016

You may have noticed the Lifelock identity theft TV commercials. In one, a uniformed man is stationed in a bank, when armed men order everyone to the floor. Alarmed customers implore him to “do something!” His response is “oh, I’m not a guard, I’m a monitor...
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Reconciliation versus Resistance: Which will Win?

After this year’s national election, a sizable portion of our population will feel devastated and perhaps even betrayed. When Kennedy defeated Nixon in 1960 (my earliest clear recollection) and in the years since, if your candidate lost there was always the realization...
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Firewise Communities Online Courses

Brush, grass and forest fires don’t have to be disasters. NFPA’s Firewise Communities Program encourages local solutions for safety by involving homeowners in taking individual responsibility for preparing their homes from the risk of wildfire.
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Women in Leadership Forum – Waves of Possibilities

Thanks to everyone that attended the 2016 Women in Leadership Forum. Kellie Hale, the Program Manager for the Center of Excellence, and the inspiration and organizer of the Women in Leadership Forums welcomed over 40 women to the 2nd Women in Leadership Forum.
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On Hearing without Listening – Emergency Management, Once Removed, October, 2016

Elected officials in our state have ignored repeated warnings, suppressed ambitious but necessary proposals, and essentially wagered the long range future of our state in the hope that minimalist support for emergency management will be “just enough” attention to the threat...
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Then and Now – Emergency Management, Once Removed, September, 2016

The 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks is this month. The terrorist attack on the Pentagon, and the Twin Towers was shocking, and the anthrax attacks thoroughly spooked the national media and Congress. Concern over natural hazard risks receded, super-ceded by...
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