Women in Leadership Profile: Assistant Chief Martin


Women in Leadership Profile: Assistant Chief Martin By Deb Moller Assistant Chief Martin of the Washington State Patrol has a strong memory of being five years old, seeing a police car, and knowing that when she grew up, she would work in law enforcement. For AC Martin, this wasn’t the typical quickly passing whimsy of a five-year-old. Seeing that police car was a life-changing event. In her Sudbury, Massachusetts high school, when her sense of humor and class clown antics amused her friends, none of them took her law enforcement talk seriously. She was just too far from the tough, [...]

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Governor Signed Supplemental Budget-State Board Allocations


After passing its supplemental operating and capital budgets and a $17 billion transportation budget, the Legislature yesterday at about 11:30 p.m. For the community and technical college system, the operating budget includes funding for: Cybersecurity workforce ($7.2 million) Assistance for homeless students ($2.9 million) Financial aid outreach with community based organizations ($2.7 million) Climate curriculum review ($1.5 million) Refugee education ($1.7 million) Health care simulation lab equipment ($8 million) Health care workforce Opportunity Grants ($8 million) Nursing education ($3.8 million) Commercial Driver’s License training ($2.5 million) Outreach specialists ($1.5 million) The budget includes funding to expand the Washington College Grant's [...]

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Highlights for 2020-2021


Highlights for 2020-2021 Expansion and Diversification of our Advisory Board Our Center’s primary goal for the 2020-2021 year was to create practical ways to enhance diversity and inclusion in our all-hazard career pathways. As a result, we expanded and diversified our Advisory Board to include members representing our diverse communities and career pathways. Our new diverse Board allows for a more broad discussion on the growth and commitment to reaching a more diverse student population. In addition, it brings forth the conversion about the process to expand the curriculum to include topics such as systemic racism and implicit bias [...]

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Juneteenth is Recognized as a Federal Holiday!


Juneteenth is Recognized as a Federal Holiday! *Taken from the Chancellor and Presidents of Pierce College This week, Congress passed a bill to make Juneteenth the nation's 12th federal holiday. Starting in 2022, Washington state will also recognize Juneteenth as an official state holiday and day off for state workers. This legislation marks a significant milestone in recognizing and addressing historic racism in our state and nation. It also affirms Pierce College's commitment to becoming an anti-racist institution, leading with racial equity, and advancing racial, social and economic justice in service to our diverse communities. We would like [...]

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Featured Interview: Joseph Dilley


Featured Interview: Joseph Dilley 1. The last time we talked with you was in January 2020. How have things changed since then in regards to the Fire Services Program? The FSLM program itself has not changed much, however; our approach has become more a holistic approach. Our program at Pierce College is still attempting to fill needs of the fire service as a whole. The FSLM has added courses that are exam and certification preparation courses that are being ran through the Community and Continuing Education program. There were two courses added to the course catalog to develop a [...]

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Washington State House Bill 1168: Concerning long-term forest health and the reduction of wildfire dangers


Washington State House Bill 1168: Concerning long-term forest health and the reduction of wildfire dangers HB 1168 was delivered to Governor Jay Inslee on April 26 to sign into law. The Bill focuses on the concerning increase of forestland and rangeland wildfires. The impact of wildfires has continued to grow larger, more intense, and destructive in the last four decades throughout Washington State. It is a trend that is alarming, with no plans on decreasing unless policies are put in place to help. Wildfires have a significant impact on fish and wildlife and devastating state, federal, tribal, and private [...]

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Wildfire Mitigation


Wildfire Mitigation By Nancy Aird “WILDFIRE READY NEIGHBORS “– WA new, free community initiative program “Wildfire Ready Neighbors” is a new, free collaboration between the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR), preparedness experts, fire districts, and landowners/ residents. Chelan, Okanogan, and Spokane counties initiated this program in April to promote preparing properties against wildfire. Renters, homeowners, and landowners in the three counties sign up at www.wildfireready.com to have a wildfire expert visit their property and develop a detailed action plan. This plan includes mitigation and preparation steps, local resources information, and contractor lists. Washington wildfires burned 812,000 acres [...]

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Wildfire Season Off to an Early Start: How You Can Be Better Prepared


Wildfire Season Off to an Early Start: How You Can Be Better Prepared By Kellie Hale April showers, bring May flowers is the usual saying. However, now it seems that April fires will bring an early start to wildfire season. During the week of April 19, Washington has seen a reported 91 wildfires total. Again, that was all in one week. If we are already having wildfires in spring, then what does that mean for summer? What can we expect? “This year is already heating up,” said Commissioner of Public Lands, Hilary Franz in a Facebook post back in [...]

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Washington Disaster Resiliency Work Group


In the 2019 legislative session Insurance Commissioner, Mike Kreidler proposed legislation to help our state prepare for and mitigate climate disasters. The Senate Bill 5106 was signed into law by Gov. Jay Inslee and created a workgroup represented by 27 organizations including legislators, state agencies, insurance companies, Tribal leaders, municipal groups, and other key parties to review and make recommendations on how to best coordinate and improve disaster resilience work in Washington state. The law took effect on July 28, and a final report, Disaster Resiliency Work Group Final Report - November 2020, was delivered to the state legislature on [...]

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