Women in Leadership Symposium 2024


This year's symposium will center around the importance of fostering robust and dynamic relationships and partnerships with women in Resilience Management and associated fields

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Women with Disabilities: Barriers and Bias in the Workplace


Women with Disabilities: Barriers and Bias in the Workplace By Kellie Hale Women with disabilities will often experience an array of barriers and biases in the workplace. They often experience an imbalance in hiring and promotion opportunities, limited access to training and retraining opportunities, and unequal pay rates. Women with disabilities in the workplace tend to be ignored in conversations about economic decision-making. The unemployment rate amongst women with disabilities is 9.4%. For women without disabilities, the unemployment rate is 4%. What do these percentages indicate? It means that, compared to their non-disabled counterparts, “Women with disabilities are more [...]

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COVID-19 & Jobs: A Year Later


COVID-19 & Jobs: A Year Later For women, job burnout has become a reality. The rate of job burnout is rising much faster among women compared to men. It has been reported that 42% of women feel burnout, while men are reported at 35% of feeling burnout. This gap has doubled since last year on reported job burnout (32% of women and 27% of men). “A few months into the pandemic, one in four women said they had considered downshifting their careers or leaving the workforce for a year.” What is worse is now that number has jumped, with one [...]

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Women in Leadership Profile: Dr. Amelia Phillips


Photo of Amelia Phillips Women in Leadership Profile: Dr. Amelia Phillips Many of us will say, “It isn’t rocket science!” to point out when a problem is laughingly easy compared to getting a rocket into space. But if you want to know more about what is rocket science, you might want to ask Amelia Phillips. After all, she earned a Bachelor of Science degree from MIT in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering. She also worked for the Jet Propulsion Lab. She knows rocket science. For the last twenty years, Amelia has been a tenured faculty member designing and delivering [...]

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Women in Leadership Profile: Tiffany Brown


Women in Leadership Profile: Tiffany Brown Women in Leadership Profile: Tiffany Brown What if you found the perfect role for yourself, working in a field you were passionate about, grateful to serve your community as a behind the scenes leader who many people might not even know about?  What if you preferred the spotlight to be on others, and were happy to lay the foundation in planning, coordination and partnerships that resulted in effective response and recovery from disasters?  What if that suited your personality perfectly? And what if your role kept getting bigger and your contributions more needed [...]

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Women in Leadership Profile: Tieka Adeogun


Women in Leadership Profile: Tieka Adeogun Tieka has an impressive stack of certificates from FEMA courses. She can tell you about Incident Command. She knows how to build and evaluate exercises. Her experience in the field, and the degrees she’s earned, mean she’s ready to respond to a wide range of disasters. Even so, it wasn’t until the incident involving a mouse and a kayak that she discovered how completely she’d adopted the lens of an emergency manager. None of those FEMA courses said anything about the kind of small domestic emergency that might occur if a kayak is [...]

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Highlights for 2020-2021


Highlights for 2020-2021 Expansion and Diversification of our Advisory Board Our Center’s primary goal for the 2020-2021 year was to create practical ways to enhance diversity and inclusion in our all-hazard career pathways. As a result, we expanded and diversified our Advisory Board to include members representing our diverse communities and career pathways. Our new diverse Board allows for a more broad discussion on the growth and commitment to reaching a more diverse student population. In addition, it brings forth the conversion about the process to expand the curriculum to include topics such as systemic racism and implicit bias [...]

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Women in Leadership Profile: Mary Kay Bredeson


Women in Leadership Profile: Mary Kay Bredeson By Deb Moller When someone retires, a common comment is that they are starting a new chapter in their lives. Most of the time, people are secretly certain that the coming chapter will be less interesting, less challenging, and less important than the work-life the person is leaving.  But people who know Mary Kaye Bredeson are secretly certain that her track record of reinventing her life in wondrous ways will continue, and whatever comes next is sure to be as remarkable as what has come before. As the eldest of seven children [...]

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Women in Leadership Profile: Michele L. Turner


Women in Leadership Profile: Michele L. Turner MBCP, FBCI, CISA, CRISC By Deb Moller “If you would go fast, go alone. But if you would go far, bring others along.” - African Proverb As a woman of color, Michele is aware that there are biases in the world that can impact how others see the value that she has to offer. She insists that it’s the invisible differences, things we may not see or know about other people that are a critical source of diversity that should not be overlooked. For example, an invisible diversity characteristic in her life is [...]

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United Nations Women Training Center Classes


By Nancy Aird In 2015, the world leaders adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to ensure women and girls’ rights across all goals for justice and inclusive economies by 2030. The United Nations (UN) Women site provides daily news, blogs, and training to promote these SDGs. The UN Women Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) provides open access to advanced skills and knowledge acquired by training and sharing to advance gender equality, women’s empowerment, and women’s rights. Many of these courses are self-paced and free. Catalog offerings currently available include the following categories: Leadership & Governance: Economic Empowerment [...]

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