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20 Reasons Why We’re Proud of 2020


Confluence serves as an intersection where we share events, interests, and important information about our Center and the state’s all-hazard emergency management pathway programs.

20 Reasons Why We’re Proud of 20202021-01-07T22:10:02+00:00

Interview with Elyzabeth Estrada


For this month’s Confluence, we wanted to highlight tribal emergency managers. Our Education & Outreach Coordinator, Brandi Hunter, recommended we highlight Elyzabeth Estrada. Brandi said, “I met Elyzabeth on LinkedIn.  She had joined Aspiring Emergency Managers Online and introduced herself to me, and said she would like to help the community any way she could.  From there, I asked her if she would like to do one of AEMO’s video series called ‘3-Minute Informational Videos’, which features professional emergency managers and provides a snapshot of their experience as an emergency manager in their field/expertise and how aspiring emergency managers can [...]

Interview with Elyzabeth Estrada2021-01-07T22:24:54+00:00

Building Cultures of Preparedness With Tribes


Building Cultures of Preparedness With Tribes – An Overview In 1999, Governor Gary Locke and Attorney General Christine Gregoire joined tribal chairs from throughout the state in signing an “Agreement to Institutionalize the Government-to-Government Relationship in Preparation for the New Millennium.” This agreement, between the State of Washington and the Tribal Nations, was an affirmation of the 1989 Centennial Accord. This event capped a three-day retreat titled “Building Bridges for the New Millennium.” During the Accord meeting, state and tribal officials framed the terms and principles of the state/tribal relationship needed to cement their government-to-government relationship. Among these principles [...]

Building Cultures of Preparedness With Tribes2020-12-31T08:39:16+00:00

The Importance of Feeding America During COVID-19


Message from our New Advisory Board Member, Vincent Davis - The Importance of Feeding America During COVID-19 “In general, very few people are prepared for any kind of disaster including disability which doesn’t require a hurricane.” – Arthur Ashe As I go about the important work of feeding families impacted by our nation’s most deadly disaster, I try not to dwell on the despair millions face from food insecurity, but rather on the precious privilege I’ve been given to help make a difference. More than providing meals, Feeding America, through its generous donors and network of 200 food banks and [...]

The Importance of Feeding America During COVID-192021-01-07T22:35:25+00:00

“There is Too Much: Let Me Sum Up” – December 2020


“There is Too Much: Let Me Sum Up” - Emergency Management Once Removed 2020 By Jim Mullen Emergency Management, Once Removed January: “Government’s Trust Deficit: A Possible Antidote” proposed that emergency managers “devise exercises in which the public can participate, to “penetrate the divisive “white noise” that makes essential government messaging difficult to transmit in normal times and potentially impossible during emergencies…” Hmm-mm! February: “It’s Dusk in America” foresaw a dark (short-term) future. Though things seemed “normal” on the surface, I felt unease that darkness might soon fall (little did I know!). My optimistic assertion that the NCAA’s “March Madness” [...]

“There is Too Much: Let Me Sum Up” – December 20202021-01-05T19:47:31+00:00

CoE-HSEM Honors its Rising Star Awards of 2020


Congratulations to This Year’s Rising Stars! -  Brandi Hunter, Toya Moore, and Julie Jefferson Lakewood, WA - The Center of Excellence for Homeland Security Emergency Management (CoE-HSEM) has always been focused on student success, helping people change their lives' trajectory positively and who have demonstrated excellence in their professional endeavors in education and public service. “Each year, it is an honor to recognize outstanding award winners with our Rising Star Award for their accomplishments and contributions to the Center. Our Award winners will be honored at the Center’s Advisory Board meeting/virtual award ceremony on December 8, 2020,” said Linda Crerar, [...]

CoE-HSEM Honors its Rising Star Awards of 20202021-01-05T23:44:30+00:00

Brandi Hunter – Rising Star 2020


Congratulations to This Year’s Rising Star! -  Brandi Hunter Brandi Hunter Educational & Outreach Coordinator Center of Excellence – Homeland Security Emergency Management “Brandi Hunter is a standout star. As a recent graduate of the Homeland Security Emergency Management (HSEM) degree program at Pierce College, Brandi is a person who acts when opportunities appear. I reached out to Brandi on LinkedIn about an internship position at the Center of Excellence for HSEM and Brandi responded immediately. When we talked it turned out she had the qualifications and skills we needed to serve as an Educational & Outreach Coordinator for the [...]

Brandi Hunter – Rising Star 20202021-01-06T00:13:14+00:00

Toya Moore – Rising Star 2020


Congratulations to This Year’s Rising Star! - Toya Moore Toya Moore, M.Ed., AHI, CHT, RMA, CCMA Director of Allied Health and CMA programs Seattle Colleges “Toya has done incredible work in her role as the Medical Assisting Program Director at Seattle Central College. She successfully transferred the program from Seattle Vocational Institute (SVI) when it closed down to the Health Education Center (HEC). She put incredible effort to revise the curriculum, expanded her TAC board to be inclusive of multiple stakeholders and the community, and went through years of data during the reaccreditation process. Not only has she handled all [...]

Toya Moore – Rising Star 20202021-01-06T00:12:17+00:00

Julie Jefferson – Rising Star 2020


Congratulations to This Year’s Rising Star! - Julie Jefferson Julie Jefferson Communications Director Lummi Indian Business Council Julie Jefferson exemplifies a student that has overcome many obstacles and demonstrated great determination in pursuit of her higher education degrees. With three grown children and five grandchildren, Julie applied to enter our University of Washington graduate degree program in the fall of 2019. Julie was only through half of her first year in the University of Washington Master of Infrastructure Planning and Management degree when the largest pandemic in our lifetime hit the world early this year. Julie in her role as [...]

Julie Jefferson – Rising Star 20202021-01-06T00:03:55+00:00

Coe-HSEM Virtual Site Review – 2020


October 29, 2020 - The HSEM Center of Excellence hosted the first-ever “Virtual Site Review” by the State Board for Community and Technical College (SBCTC). Each Center is visited once in a three-year cycle to learn how the Center is currently working to understand and improve the relationship between their industry sector and the community and technical colleges. The State Board staff convenes the review team for each site visit and this year’s visits were delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions and it was decided to do the normal in-person visit virtually. Our Center was the first to pilot [...]

Coe-HSEM Virtual Site Review – 20202021-01-05T20:31:45+00:00
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