Our Center provides statewide leadership which supports diversity and ensures the industry’s academic programs remain cutting-edge.

Center of Excellence Pierce College BuildingThe Center of Excellence for Homeland Security-Emergency Management (HSEM) helps state community and technical colleges (CTC) prepare a skilled workforce to help maintain our national security, ensure an effective response to all-hazard events through education and training initiatives, and build disaster resilience in our communities.

Our goal is to provide effective leadership and coordination that rapidly responds to the interests of educational institutions and workforce training needs of the HSEM (all-hazard) business and industry sectors across the state. From our offices at Pierce College in Lakewood, Washington, we accomplish this through working with a coalition of all 34 community and technical colleges, public agencies, and private sector organizations.

The Center serves as a liaison with business and industry to the CTC system faculty and administration. Public and private organizations and businesses receive technical assistance, expertise, information and research on current regional, state and national security and economic development initiatives and workforce trends.

Pierce College BAS-HSEM Degree

Pierce College Bachelor of Applied Science in Homeland Security Emergency Management (BAS-HSEM)

Pierce College is pleased to announce its new Bachelor of Applied Science in Homeland Security Emergency Management degree program beginning winter 2017 (January 2017). This leadership and management degree program is part of a guided career pathway designed...
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Women In Leadership Forum - November 1, 2017

Women in Technology: Raising the Bar and Building Relationships – Highline College, Des Moines - The purpose of the Forum is to help women identify what their strengths are as leaders, where they want to go in terms of education and career, help them find and follow their dreams and goals, along with helping them to discover what kind of leader and leaner they are. It is important for the attendees to walk away with a sense of understanding the significance of creating strong and dynamic relationships, partnerships, and collaborations with both women and men. This year’s Forum will help to build and inspire leaders in the technology field and others to learn about what they as leaders will need to you about technology no matter where their careers may lead them

Cascadia Technical Academy - Emergency Operations Learning Center

The Cascadia Technical Academy’s - previously known as the Clark County Skills Center - Homeland Security program recently held its Grand Opening event in Vancouver, Washington. The Center mimics a functioning emergency operations center and allows students to practice emergency coordination activities and community groups to use the space to run drills and exercises for their own organizations. The space gives students a chance to learn how to manage emergency response for a broad range of disasters and the community organizations and businesses can use the space to develop and validate their own emergency plans. The classroom was supported with a $50,000 from the State and the Cascadia Technical Academy’s foundation and features state-of-the-art equipment, including multiple projection screens, an interactive whiteboard, video conferencing and dedicated phone lines. It’s the only classroom of its kind in the country, Jeff Kaliner, CTA Director said.