2015 Women in HSEM Leadership Forum was a Great Success!

2015 Women in Homeland-Security Emergency Management Leadership Forum Summary & Video


Forum Summary:
The Center of Excellence for Homeland Security Emergency Management hosted the 2015 Women in HSEM Leadership Forum on October 8, 2015 at Lakewold Gardens in Lakewood. The forum was a great success and provided our educators and industry partners the opportunity to come together and learn about diversity in every level of leadership. The Women in Homeland Security Forum offered leadership development, lessons learned, and industry specific mentoring about new best practices, and emerging trends that will revolutionize how Homeland Security Emergency Management (HSEM) curriculum and training are delivered.

Some Trends that were Discussed Include:

  • Working in the Homeland Security, Emergency Management, Business Continuity arena.
  • Key topics, such as emergency management, intelligence analysis, crisis management, operations, etc.
  • Considering Homeland Security/Emergency Management/Business Continuity as a career path.
  • Participating in discussions to establish a regular speaker series for Women in Homeland Security.

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