Welcome Carl Douglas: New Center Director for Semiconductors & Electronic Manufacturing

By Kellie Hale

Carl Douglas is the new Director for the Center of Excellence – Semiconductors & Electronic Manufacturing at Clark College. His Center works to ensure students access 21st-century tools and technology and link educational programs to industry-recognized credentials. The Center for Semiconductors & Electronic Manufacturing convenes, problem-solve, and disseminates as needed to ensure K-12, colleges, and training partners are ready and able to deliver relevant programs.

Carl brings a robust background in the supply chain and a focus on quality and organizational excellence. Carl’s educational experience includes an Associate of Applied Science in Electronics Technology at Clark College, a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at Phoenix University, along with being a Certified Quality Auditor at American Society of Quality (ASQ), and Certified Manager of Quality & Organizational Excellence also at ASQ. He has 14 years of experience in the Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturing industry.

I asked Carl what drew him to the Center of Excellence for Semiconductor & Electronics Manufacturing? He replied with being able to use his industry knowledge to continue to support the industry. To increase the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the new and current workforce by improving the agility of curriculum development and academic processes. Carl is excited to act as a liaison, translator, and guide between educational systems, industry, and workforce and wants to help increase the overall skills of the workforce for improved fit into bleeding-edge high-technology sectors. He also wants to create awareness of the availability of lucrative careers in high technology industries.

Question: Your Center is relatively new. What should people know about your Center?

Carl: Our Center is well connected to area manufacturing, not just Semiconductor/Electronics. It creates a connection between workers who want a lucrative career and the industries that want them and provides recipes to gain the right KSA to be wildly successful in manufacturing. We wish to support Educational processes to enable workers to gain the baseline skillset and then grow their KSA to drive manufacturing to new frontiers.

Question: Is your industry an emerging field? Meaning, are there a lot of employment opportunities for people? How so?

Carl: For an industry that is over 60 years old, they are still emerging and discovering new ways to improve many of the concerns in life. Without the innovations in semiconductor and nanotechnology – there would be no COVID-19 vaccine, space missions, vastly reduced carbon emissions, monitors of the
environment, distance learning, and work from home. Trains, Planes, and automobiles would not be driving themselves or increasing passenger safety.
Due to the pandemic and supply chain disruption, the world knows how deep high technology affects our daily lives. Yes, this is still an emerging field.

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