King County’s goal to be the best-run government in the country is creating an atmosphere of innovation that attracts dedicated people from across the nation. Together, we’re creating an environment where people come together to solve problems and get results. We value the leadership skills, teamwork, problem-solving, mission orientation and multi-cultural awareness that veterans and military service personnel offer. We believe their talent, experiences and perspectives can support us in achieving our goal of being the best run government.

We created the Vets 4 HIRE Fellowship Program to support military service personnel and veterans in making a successful transition from military to civilian employment and to provide a pipeline of skilled veteran talent for positions within King County.

Vets 4 HIRE Program

What the Vets 4 HIRE Fellowship Program offers:

  • Year-round part-time or full-time structured learning immersion in a variety of fields and levels within King County government
  • Valuable hands-on and practical work experience that helps secure future employment with King County or other civilian employers
  • A supportive transition experience with access to a variety of support services
  • An initial six month paid learning experience with a possible extension up to a total of 2080 hours
  • Competitive pay based on military rank held, education level and type of fellowship learning experience
  • An ORCA card that pays the fare for public transportation
  • Medical benefits for positions that are funded to work 30 or more hours each week

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