Center of Excellence – HSEM : Subcommittee Highlights

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI)

An integral part of the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion project for the Center of Excellence for Homeland Security & Emergency Management. The goal is to develop student experiential learning opportunities by developing a plan to promote, support and disseminate research regarding diversity and inclusion in Emergency Management.


• Highlight innovative diversity and inclusion practices enhancing community resilience.
• Building the social equity and diversity value into our community and technical college systems.
• Identify and integrate EDI concepts into the emergency management curriculum with the goal of improving outcomes for all underrepresented communities.

Public and Private Partnerships

The goal is to identify and lead discussion on career prospects for emergency management and what the role of an emergency manager plays in the corporate setting.


• The capacity of a business, organization, or community to rebound from various impacts from an unforeseen event such as economic disaster or sudden economic downturn is the focus of our “Pathways to Resilient Communities: Public and Private Partnerships” training program.

• Begin the process of planning DACUM session with the Advisory Board, along with different public and private sector representatives to help develop curriculum/courses that could be implemented within the HSEM degree program.

Work Experience Marketplace

Develop student experiential learning opportunities by developing a plan to cultivate strong partnerships with business and organizations that are able to offer these opportunities. The consultant will provide leadership and oversight with an intentional focus on the production of deliverables.


• Partners with businesses or organizations with the CoE for HS&EM in providing a variety of experiential learning opportunities for students among the six (6)
career pathways by June 2022.

• HSEM students will participate in one or more experiential learning opportunities in the first year.

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