Pierce College’s HSEM Degree Program Named One of the Ten Best

The World Health Organization estimates that 160 million people are impacted by natural disasters each year. These disasters are compounded by thousands of terrorist attacks, accidents, and other incidents around the world. From first responders to agency administrators, the emergency management field provides daily opportunities to prepare and respond to disasters. The best bachelor’s degrees in emergency management balance the preparation, executive, and recovery aspects of the discipline.

Pierce College’s HEM BAS program comes in at number 9 on the list. Pierce College, in Puyallup, WA, is the only community college to make the list of emergency management programs. Founded in 1967, the school offers three bachelor’s programs along with dozens of associate degrees. Pierce College placed No. 311 among the Best Community Colleges in America, based on Niche’s 2020 grades. The Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Homeland Security Emergency Management helped the school reach this rarified air.

The BAS program is geared toward associate degree students who have completed courses in emergency management and homeland security. Pierce College also considers military, law enforcement, and government experience when reviewing applications. These experiences are helpful in completing required courses like Public Information Management and Continuity Planning. BAS candidates are asked to complete two project management courses, a professional development seminar, and a senior capstone project.

Students can balance their professional schedules with coursework thanks to a 100% online format. Pierce College offers an HSET certificate focused on tribal governments that includes eight courses over nine months. BAS candidates access lectures, conferences, and other networking opportunities through the Homeland Security Emergency Management Center of Excellence, which is based in nearby Lakewood, WA.

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