New podcast featuring The Future of Emergency Management
after 2020: The New, Novel, and Nasty

Jim Mullen interviewed authors, Curry Mayer and Robert McCreight on their brand new book, The Future of Emergency Management after 2020: The New, Novel, and Nasty.

About the featured authors:
Dr. Robert McCreight has advised federal and state government on spectrum risk issues such as WMD threats, EMP scenarios, crisis management and strategic analysis over a 47 year career. The author of 4 books and numerous journal articles on homeland security, national defense and emergency
management he also served as an adjunct professor at Penn State , George Mason, George Washington, and Virginia Tech, where he taught graduate courses
in crisis and emergency management, homeland security, defense policy and assessing WMD threats. He is the author of An Introduction to Emergency Exercise Design and Evaluation (Bernan Press, 2016).

Curry Mayer is currently the Director of Emergency Management for Seattle, Washington. She is an emergency management and homeland security
expert with over 25 years of experience in California and Washington D.C. She has developed programs for all levels of government. Mayer is a Board Member
for the WA211 network and Co-chairs the Advisory  Board for the Center for Excellence in Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

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