Thank you, coe-hsem, for an incredible 10 years!

By Kellie Hale

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d spend ten years at the Center of Excellence for Homeland Security Emergency Management. I never expected what was supposed to be an internship to transform my life. When I walked into the Center’s office that April day in 2012, I was met by one of the most exuberant, gracious, and influential people in my life, Linda Crerar. It was an instant connection between the two of us. She had such good faith in me and my abilities to grow into the job.

During my time at the Center, I was an intern, work-study student, special projects coordinator, and program manager. It was the first job where I grew and expanded on my knowledge, skills, and abilities within the all-hazard emergency management industry and higher education field. I obtained my associate’s degree in office management, a certificate in HSEM, and my bachelor of science degree in business.

To the Center’s Advisory Board members and Senior Fellows, I enjoyed working with all of you and appreciate the support and encouragement throughout the
years. As I said at my going away party on Friday (3/11/22), I never expected to be where I am or gain the experience I have gotten. I never thought I would be
considered important enough to be respected by others. When I said that Linda changed my life, I meant it with all my heart. I would not be where I am today if
she had never taken a chance on me and believed in me.

I know the Center will continue to thrive and flourish. Linda has an exceptional team with Jasmine May, Brandi Hunter, and Nancy Aird. The four of them will be an unstoppable dream team.

I look forward to this new adventure at Pacific Mountain Workforce Development and continue to assist in developing a workforce system that supports business, industry, and all levels of employers and job seekers.

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