In 2019, the Jamye Wisecup Memorial Scholarship Fund was established to honor Jamye’s memory.

For those who did not have an opportunity to work with her during the years she was an emergency manager in Clallam County, she was the heart and soul of emergency management in her community and made an impact on many people’s lives.

Jamye was a Board Member with our Center for many years and her dedication to promote emergency preparedness and her genuine caring for everyone made her exceptional.

Peninsula College and the Center Advisory Board have worked together for the past five years to get contributions that would allow the fund to be endowed. Thanks to your the generosity of Jayme’s friends and peers, and an additional contribution from Peninsula College Foundation Board of $15,000 we are only $3,000 away from being able to endow the fund. This generous contribution represents a major step forward in our mission to support students in their educational pursuits towards an all-hazard career field. It is a testament to the unwavering commitment towards empowering the next generation of leaders and change-makers. Whether it’s through monetary contributions, in-kind donations, or spreading the word about the Jamye Wisecup Scholarship/Women in Emergency Management Services Scholarship within your network, every bit of support makes a significant difference in helping us achieve our goal of empowering future leaders in all-hazard career fields.

There are currently two ways to donate to the Jamye Wisecup Scholarship Fund:

1. By check made payable to:

Peninsula College Foundation

Wisecup Fund

1502 E Lauridsen Blvd.

Port Angeles, WA 98362

2. By giving online, with “Wisecup Fund” indicated in the form’s comments section, at: