How are you doing with the quick and ever changing daily stream of information? Are you coping while making big decisions as well as figuring out the day-to-day details for you and your family? Feeling overwhelmed, anxious and unsure who to manage your emotions as well as your children?

If you’re like most people, daily life right now feels somewhat uncertain and worrisome as the news of Covid-19, or Coronavirus, changes and impacts life. We’re here to help. This expert panel will answer some of your questions and discuss how to:

  • Cope with uncertainty and anxiety
  • Continue living a purposeful and meaningful life
  • Practice proactive resilience to counter potential feelings of sadness, depression, and helpless
  • Balance “being on vacation” and maintaining structure/ and consistency in parenting
  • Maintain social contact and strengthen relationships with the people you’re living with (even is small spaces!)
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