A Bitter-sweet Message

By Linda Crerar

It is again that “bitter-sweet feeling” I share with Kellie about her wonderful new job at PACMTN Workforce Development COUNCIL, working with William Westmoreland, the Director and also a Center Advisory Board Member and his great team. Kellie has received a warm welcome from William and his team. I know that many of you have known and worked with Kellie over the past decade and come to rely on her knowledge, skills, and abilities to serve as a very successful leader on our Center’s team of staff, Board Members, Senior Fellows, and Associates. She has served as my Program Manager, and over the past three years has also taken the helm to lead us all while I was recovering from my cancer operation and has been there for all of us to rely on to make sure we accomplished our goals that kept us on track as the “touch stone” of consistency and resiliency. She has become a very good friend to me and to all of us. I want to thank you all for sending such wonderful congratulatory messages to her and we will make sure those all are showcased at her Celebration Party (March 11, 2022).

Kellie has also asked that if you would like to give her a “thank you gift,” please consider donating to our Jamye Wisecup Memorial Scholarship Endowment Program. Kellie has been the Center’s lead for establishing and supporting the Scholarship Advisory Board. If you would like information about group, please let me know as we definitely need for people involve to raise the $30,000 we need to reach the “endowment status”.

We know this is a celebration of a her evolution with the Center and her amazing contributions to all us of over the years.

Stay healthy and safe everyone.


Contributions can be made in two ways:
1. By check made payable to:
Peninsula College Foundation
Wisecup Fund
1502 E Lauridsen Blvd.
Port Angeles, WA 98362

2. By giving online, with “Wisecup Fund” indicated in the form’s comments section at:

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