PIEPC July Webinar ShakeAlert Evolution: Programming for the Inevitable


  One year after public alerting via WEA and cell phones was available in Washington State, ShakeAlert continues to evolve. More accurate estimates of magnitude and shaking levels have lead to more confidence in triggering automated actions when strong shaking is imminent. What changes in ShakeAlert have been implemented and what is in the works? How is ShakeAlert helping to protect critical infrastructure today? Bill Steele has directed the Educational Outreach and Communications Program for the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network (PNSN) at the University of Washington, since 1993. He works closely with news reporters and filmmakers to provide hazards information [...]

PIEPC July Webinar ShakeAlert Evolution: Programming for the Inevitable2022-07-12T20:19:01+00:00

Respect and Equity in Digital Learning Resources


Respect and Equity in Digital Learning Resources (Thursday, February 10, 3:00 - 4:00 pm CT) Increasingly, students are spending significant amounts of their learning time engaging with digital learning resources and products, faculty and administrators are increasingly relying on data from those digital learning tools, and the pandemic has only accelerated the process. Understanding how digital learning resources may increase, decrease, or maintain inequity is vitally important for the health of learners, teachers, and society. In this talk we will look at digital learning resources or more broadly educational technology (ed-tech) through the lens of diversity, equity and inclusion. We will [...]

Respect and Equity in Digital Learning Resources2022-02-09T10:51:25+00:00

Equity in Open Textbook Content


Equity in Open Textbook Content We will share inclusive approaches for OER (Open Education Resource) development, curation, and usage in courses and how creation and review methods can be adapted for a variety of teaching situations. Date: 2/1/2022 Time: 4:00 PM CT Register at: https://tinyurl.com/mrx3x238 

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Equity Challenges & Making DEI Work for You


Equity Challenges & Making DEI Work for You Date: 1/26/2022 Time: 3:00 PM CT We will engage in a discussion on what diversity, equity, and inclusion can mean to your organization, including how to tie it back to your organizational goals. Register at: https://tinyurl.com/mrx3x238 

Equity Challenges & Making DEI Work for You2022-02-05T03:55:19+00:00

Respectful Workplace Training


Respectful Workplace Training April 21, 2021 4:00-5:30 PM Foster workplace environments where all apprentices feel safe, welcomed and treated fairly. This workshop will answer the questions: What does Protected Class mean? What are the benefits of a respectful, inclusive workforce? What do I do if I experience or know of others being harassed? Presented by: Tracy Allen, SHRM-SCP, Lakeside Industries, is an HR professional with a keen skill set in training, development, and creating diverse and inclusive workplaces. She believes communication and accountability are key to this combination resulting in a productive, profitable, and positive work experience for the workforce [...]

Respectful Workplace Training2021-04-21T19:43:51+00:00
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