Pierce College’s HSEM Degree Program Named One of the Ten Best


Pierce College’s HSEM Degree Program Named One of the Ten Best The World Health Organization estimates that 160 million people are impacted by natural disasters each year. These disasters are compounded by thousands of terrorist attacks, accidents, and other incidents around the world. From first responders to agency administrators, the emergency management field provides daily opportunities to prepare and respond to disasters. The best bachelor’s degrees in emergency management balance the preparation, executive, and recovery aspects of the discipline. Pierce College’s HEM BAS program comes in at number 9 on the list. Pierce College, in Puyallup, WA, is the only [...]

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Rising Star Award Video Interviews


Rising Star Award Interviews The Center of Excellence – Homeland Security Emergency Management has always been focused on student success and helping people to positively change the trajectory of their lives and who have demonstrated excellence in their professional endeavors working for the advancement of people in education and public service. Each year, it is an honor to recognize outstanding award winners with our Rising Star Award for their accomplishments and contributions to the Center. Below are video interviews with each of this year’s Rising Stars: Mikaela Hagberg https://youtu.be/DwZcIRPoYUE Tamara Corpin https://youtu.be/tyBRuof86sM Shontieka Adeogun https://youtu.be/6K8xJACJd0Y [...]

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Digital Equity: What Is It and Why Is It Important?


Digital Equity: What Is It and Why Is It Important? By Kellie Hale You may have been hearing the term “Digital Equity” in the news a lot more lately. What is digital equity? Well, it is a vital necessity for “civic and cultural participation, employment, lifelong learning, and access to essential services.” The overall goal of digital equity is to make sure that students from rural and urban communities have equal access to technology (e.g., software, the Internet). It is also vital that students have adequately trained educators to help navigate with these tools. Listen, education and the workforce is [...]

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DHS Climate Change Professionals Program


DHS CLIMATE CHANGE PROFESSIONALS PROGRAM WASHINGTON – The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced the creation of a new Climate Change Professionals Program to recruit recent graduates and current federal employees to support DHS growing focus on adapting to climate change and improving resilience. This two-year program will be run by the DHS Office of the Chief Readiness Support Officer and provide participants with hands-on opportunities to contribute to new initiatives. Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive a Climate Change Professional accreditation from the Association of Climate Change Officers and be eligible for permanent, full-time positions at DHS. Leadership of the program will be under Climate Change Action Group and focus on promoting resilience and addressing multiple [...]

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Breaking News – Natural Disaster Flooding


BREAKING NEWS – NATURAL DISASTER FLOODING By Nancy Aird 1860 news from Missouri to California took ten days by Pony Express. Western Union transcontinental telegraph line rendered it obsolete by 1861. Today natural disaster breaking news only needs cell phone cameras and internet coverage. 2022 started with the atmospheric river of rain washing snow into rivers for major flooding declarations and volcano tsunami. Washington State declared 11 Major Disaster Declarations with FEMA in 2021: two from a severe winter storm, straight-line winds, flooding, landslides, and mudslides, and nine from wildfire disasters. Overall, Washington State ranks as #2 for Flood Disaster [...]

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It’s Time We Have a Talk: Difficult Conversations and Keeping Good Relationships


It's Time We Have a Talk: Difficult Conversations and Keeping Good Relationships "People fail to get along because they fear each other; they fear each other because they don’t know each other; they don’t know each other because they have not communicated with each other." - Martin Luther King, Jr. Jim Reacts: It has become more challenging to communicate effectively with people in the last couple of years. It is sad how the above quote still resonates today. People will ask, “How did we get here?” But a look at our nation’s history suggests that little has changed. People tend [...]

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Acknowledging the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Acknowledging the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (A message from Pierce College) As Martin Luther King, Jr. Day approaches, Pierce College has the opportunity to acknowledge the profound impact of Dr. King’s civil rights legacy, which is embodied in their mission, vision and values, and their commitment to building an anti-racist institution. Pierce College wants to thank all of you for actively engaging in the legacy of MLK’s fight for racial and social justice. To help commemorate MLK Day, Pierce College is pleased to share a special video, produced by the City of Lakewood. This video celebrates the [...]

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