Education and Climate Priorities for WA state in 2023


Education and Climate Priorities for WA state in 2023 Gov. Jay Inslee outlined his climate policy package for the 2021–2023 biennium. “Climate change is a health issue, an economic issue and an equity issue. We must address these very real threats to our state, and we cannot wait. The time to act is now. These proposals would reduce nearly 30 million metric tons of emissions by 2030 — a 35% reduction from current projections. And these standards and investments — with justice at their core — will grow clean energy jobs in Washington.” - Gov. Jay Inslee Inslee’s legislative and budget proposals would create a [...]

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Gov. Jay Inslee holds press conference about CJTC expansion


Gov. Jay Inslee holds press conference about CJTC expansion On July 21st, governor Jay Inslee held a press conference where other law enforcement officials and legislators assembled to outline proposals on the expansion of the Criminal Justice Training Center to Pasco, Vancouver, and Everett-Bellingham. Our Center and our CJ Work Group were involved in helping to publish a Basic Law Enforcement Training Study in 2018 which recommended a regional approach for enhancing and expanding training. To view the conference, visit:

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Governor Signed Supplemental Budget-State Board Allocations


After passing its supplemental operating and capital budgets and a $17 billion transportation budget, the Legislature yesterday at about 11:30 p.m. For the community and technical college system, the operating budget includes funding for: Cybersecurity workforce ($7.2 million) Assistance for homeless students ($2.9 million) Financial aid outreach with community based organizations ($2.7 million) Climate curriculum review ($1.5 million) Refugee education ($1.7 million) Health care simulation lab equipment ($8 million) Health care workforce Opportunity Grants ($8 million) Nursing education ($3.8 million) Commercial Driver’s License training ($2.5 million) Outreach specialists ($1.5 million) The budget includes funding to expand the Washington College Grant's [...]

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Washington Disaster Resiliency Work Group


In the 2019 legislative session Insurance Commissioner, Mike Kreidler proposed legislation to help our state prepare for and mitigate climate disasters. The Senate Bill 5106 was signed into law by Gov. Jay Inslee and created a workgroup represented by 27 organizations including legislators, state agencies, insurance companies, Tribal leaders, municipal groups, and other key parties to review and make recommendations on how to best coordinate and improve disaster resilience work in Washington state. The law took effect on July 28, and a final report, Disaster Resiliency Work Group Final Report - November 2020, was delivered to the state legislature on [...]

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