We know this is a trying time for all of us and in these times of so much uncertainty, there can be a lot of stress, anxiety and fear. We are all trying our best to support and work with our wonderful students, which is why it’s even more important for us all to do our part to stay calm and balanced to provide them the support they need from us all right now. That means all of us doing self-care and assuring we are doing our part for our hearts, minds and spirits!

We wanted to provide some suggestions and tips to stay emotionally and psychologically well and stable. We know there are a lot of unknowns right now and everyone is being impacted in unique ways so while there might not be the answers we all want or the solutions on how to ‘fix’ all the issues currently, there are things to keep in mind and ways to maintain some normalcy and sanity!

Please check out the three attachments in this email that can provide some guidance:
A bullet-list of some tips and things that us counselors have tried to do ourselves to stay emotionally well
A visual that shows how to imagine what we can/can’t control
An article that goes into some mental and psychological strategies to manage stress, anxiety and fear