Progressive Women’s Leadership

Our mission is simple: Empower and elevate women leading the way at work.

We began offering training specifically to women to advance their leadership skills back in 2005. Since then we have worked with well over 75,000 women.

Progressive Women’s Leadership is the trusted resource for learning and collaboration among professional women seeking the skills to further develop their careers. We work to combine practical wisdom, expert guidance, and a community of peers to best serve, create, and develop leaders among women.

We cannot fulfill our mission without you – we want to engage and inspire you to join us. You can do this by giving us feedback on both our current content and what you’d like us to offer in future, and by sharing our site with your friends and family through social media (or any way you see fit).

The original women’s movement started with just a few women and it grew from there – we are optimistic and determined to follow the same path but we cannot do it alone, so we invite you to join our movement.