A facility’s emergency action plan (EAP) is a critical component to being prepared for a (hopefully unlikely) emergency. A coordinated effort, via the execution of an EAP, can no doubt contribute to a more successful response and outcome during and after an emergency. NFPA 1, Fire Code, requires in Section 10.8.1 that emergency action plans be provided for high-rise, health care, ambulatory health care, residential board and care, assembly, day-care centers, special amusement buildings, hotels and dormitories, detention and correctional occupancies, educational, underground and windowless structures, facilities storing or handling materials addressed in Chapter 60 (hazardous materials), or anywhere required by the local AHJ. The Code is a minimum. Nothing prohibits a building that may not be listed above from developing their own emergency action plan.

NFPA 1: Emergency Action Plans

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