Interview with Elyzabeth Estrada


For this month’s Confluence, we wanted to highlight tribal emergency managers. Our Education & Outreach Coordinator, Brandi Hunter, recommended we highlight Elyzabeth Estrada. Brandi said, “I met Elyzabeth on LinkedIn.  She had joined Aspiring Emergency Managers Online and introduced herself to me, and said she would like to help the community any way she could.  From there, I asked her if she would like to do one of AEMO’s video series called ‘3-Minute Informational Videos’, which features professional emergency managers and provides a snapshot of their experience as an emergency manager in their field/expertise and how aspiring emergency managers can [...]

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Building Cultures of Preparedness With Tribes


Building Cultures of Preparedness With Tribes – An Overview In 1999, Governor Gary Locke and Attorney General Christine Gregoire joined tribal chairs from throughout the state in signing an “Agreement to Institutionalize the Government-to-Government Relationship in Preparation for the New Millennium.” This agreement, between the State of Washington and the Tribal Nations, was an affirmation of the 1989 Centennial Accord. This event capped a three-day retreat titled “Building Bridges for the New Millennium.” During the Accord meeting, state and tribal officials framed the terms and principles of the state/tribal relationship needed to cement their government-to-government relationship. Among these principles [...]

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