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Trust – February 2021


Trust By Jim Mullen Emergency Management, Once Removed Well before the pandemic began exacting its horrific toll, “trust in government” was on a downward spiral. Last January, in “Government’s Trust Deficit: A Possible Antidote,” I suggested a program of community-centric disaster exercises that could be used to prepare the public for a disaster. The concept was that through these exercises, emergency managers could make use of their online capabilities to open a dialogue with the public, building trust while also providing constructive advice on community preparedness and government obligations, limitations, and capabilities during emergencies. The technology exists, and emergency managers [...]

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The Whole World Was Watching – January 2021


The Whole World Was Watching – January 6, 2021 By Jim Mullen Emergency Management, Once Removed Some of us also have been watching what I hope was the last act in a dangerous display of violence fueled by years of dishonesty, threats, the vilification of fellow citizens, and finally an attempted coup. Do not count on it. The attempt to overthrow the United States government and that was what was occurring, has for some reason surprised people, even though the threads of such a conspiracy have been publicly available – including the nutty conspiracy theory that the riot was an [...]

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“There is Too Much: Let Me Sum Up” – December 2020


“There is Too Much: Let Me Sum Up” - Emergency Management Once Removed 2020 By Jim Mullen Emergency Management, Once Removed January: “Government’s Trust Deficit: A Possible Antidote” proposed that emergency managers “devise exercises in which the public can participate, to “penetrate the divisive “white noise” that makes essential government messaging difficult to transmit in normal times and potentially impossible during emergencies…” Hmm-mm! February: “It’s Dusk in America” foresaw a dark (short-term) future. Though things seemed “normal” on the surface, I felt unease that darkness might soon fall (little did I know!). My optimistic assertion that the NCAA’s “March Madness” [...]

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In Other News… – November 2020


In Other News (Or Let’s Get Back to Governing) By Jim Mullen Emergency Management, Once Removed Nov 10, 2020: “Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler today delivered recommendations to create a statewide disaster resilience office to Gov. Jay Inslee, the Legislature and other state leaders, as recommended by the Disaster Resiliency Work Group. “  When I drifted into semi - retirement in 2013, I had two major regrets as a 20 plus year director of emergency management (in Seattle and Washington State ). I’ve written extensively about both disappointments in this blog - one being the importance of developing disaster exercises that directly involve the [...]

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A Word to Emergency Managers About 2020


A Word to Emergency Managers About 2020 By Jim Mullen Emergency Management, Once Removed Note to Readers: This commentary first appeared in the National Emergency Management Association’s (NEMA) October edition of Ready Nation: People. Since I had the privilege of serving as both a local and state emergency management director, it has been suggested that my message might be suitable for a wider audience. Dear Colleagues: It might be time to reflect on your emotional or mental health in the wake of COVID-19, wildfires, storms floods and civil unrest. 2020 is different. Those currently in emergency management roles would do [...]

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About Us – October 2020


About Us By Jim Mullen Emergency Management, Once Removed  Black slaves once were counted in the Census as 3/5 human beings, a “compromise” that inflated slave states’ population, boosting their representation in Congress (and the Electoral College).  In 1876 Rutherford B. Hayes ascended to the Presidency after a disputed election largely because he agreed to withdraw military forces from Southern States (stationed there to ensure that the rights of newly freed Black citizens were protected). That “compromise” opened the gates for further repression of persons of color. The above is part of American history, much as we may wish it [...]

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Happy 5th Year Anniversary of Jim Mullen’s blog, Emergency Management, Once Removed


By Kellie Hale At our 2015 Educators and Practitioners Summit, which celebrated the Center’s 10th year since its formation, Jim Mullen was one of our keynote speakers. I was amazed by Jim’s ability to tell a story. After the Forum, I knew I needed to get Jim to be our blogger. With his over thirty-years of experience in emergency management, I recognized that other people needed to have the chance to read about his stories and knowledge he could share with others. I am thankful that Jim accepted my offer. Now with five-years under his belt as our blogger, I [...]

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“Whither Emergency Management?” – September 2020


“Whither Emergency Management?” Emergency Management, Once Removed By Jim Mullen Prompted by a series of racially charged incidents involving the use of force by police, the Seattle City Council is intent on reducing or “redirecting” SPD’s budget resources. Among the Mayor’s counter - proposals is the transfer of the all-civilian Office of Emergency Management OEM “somewhere” outside of SPD’s budgetary control. Clearly there are many important issues under review: but where should OEM go? Responsibility for organizational placement of the emergency management function rests with jurisdictions’ elected officials. Yet most elected officials in most jurisdictions only take “notice” of emergency [...]

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“In the Wrong Hands” – August 2020


"In the Wrong Hands" By Jim Mullen Emergency Management, Once Removed  It is long past time to restructure or eliminate the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  Reservations expressed at its inception about the potential abuses of power that such an agency might commit were ignored. Post 9/11, such concerns were subsumed by decision makers more worried about the psychological and political consequences of another successful terrorist attack. Combining multiple federal agencies under one Secretary of DHS was thought to assure greater collaboration among agencies with law enforcement and regulatory missions. It was posited that such a superagency would allow for greater [...]

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Walls or Bridges? – July 2020


Walls or Bridges? By Jim Mullen Emergency Management, Once Removed News about the COVID-19’s rising infection and mortality count is available 24/7. Overwhelming video evidence of police violence and all-too-frequent indifference of the justice system to police misconduct is both inescapable and nauseating. Despite incontrovertible evidence of a pandemic crisis or the existence of frequently unchecked racially biased policing, some stubbornly doubt what is reliably reported from our streets and our hospitals. Ignorance of uncomfortable truths is exploited by unscrupulous, unethical politicians, journalists, and some activists, all professing moral purity. Racism does not slink away because we have ignored its [...]

Walls or Bridges? – July 20202020-07-14T21:23:02+00:00
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