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Preparedness Workshop

Our Workshop is currently full now. Due to the overwhelming response, we will be offering another workshop in the future. 

If you are still interested, please get on our waiting list by emailing: KHale@pierce.ctc.edu

get ready book coverIn January, we marked the 321st anniversary of the last full-rip 9.0 Cascadia earthquake. In March, we note the 20th anniversary of the Nisqually earthquake.

Is getting people to prepare an impossible pipe dream or a worthy goal? Why is it so difficult? Are Emergency Managers the right people to carry the preparedness message? If not, why not? If not, who is?

This class will use research from applied behavioral science, the principles of adult education, and findings from marketing efforts to shed light on how emergency managers can better target the time they spend on preparedness, leading to better results. We’ll explore ways emergency managers can evaluate their particular situation to determine where/how they can increase the effectiveness of their preparedness programs.

The class examines the key errors in thinking that prevent people from getting prepared, as well as the one element that can be most effectively leveraged to get people to take action. Using brief content delivery modules, followed by interactive small group exercises, the class provides a platform for continuing conversations among class participants on what is working and not working in their preparedness efforts. If desired, students may schedule a one-hour consultation after the class on a preparedness topic chosen by the student.

Participants will need to provide an accurate address in order to receive a copy of “Get Ready! How to Prepare for and Stay Safe after a Pacific Northwest Earthquake.”

To complete registration, please make a contribution to the Jamye Wisecup Scholarship Fund. Select “Other” in the Fund dropdown box and with “Wisecup Fund” indicated in the form’s comments section at:


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