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Mental Wellness and Resiliency: Adjusting to Life and Addressing Challenges During Turbulent Times

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Feeling fatigued? Are you more impatient than normal? Are you finding it hard to balance working from or just being at home? You’re not alone. These are all signs that your mental wellness is being challenged by events around you (e.g., COVID-19, political and civil unrest, significant life change). As we hope for life to go back to “normal”, understanding how uncertainty and dramatic change affects our daily lives can help us to combat stress and other negative impacts. This course will provide an overview of stress and its’ effects on us and others around us. Specific evidence-based techniques will be provided to improve resiliency within ourselves or our organizations.

At the conclusion of this training, students will be able to:
  • Define Stress and identify its’ effects on our body and mind.
  • Develop at least 3 evidence-based methods for dealing with stress and increasing mental wellness in themselves and others.
Instructor Bio – Curry Mayer has been teaching college level courses for the last 10 years. She is an emergency management professional with over 25 years’ experience. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and a Master’s degree in Education. As an Emergency Manager, Ms. Mayer is constantly striving to help individuals, communities, and organizations learn how to become more resilient and just what that means in different situations and environments.
For more information, contact Kellie Hale at khale@pierce.ctc.edu
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