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Do you have old or unwanted pesticides in need of disposal?

If so, please contact the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) by September 15 and submit a proposed or revised disposal inventory.

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WSDA’s Waste Pesticide Identification and Disposal Program collects and properly disposes of unusable agricultural and commercial grade pesticides from residents, farmers, small businesses, and public agencies free of charge. We hold collection events at locations across Washington State where customers can take their unwanted pesticides for proper disposal.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, WSDA’s Waste Pesticide Identification and Disposal Program postponed spring and summer collection events until later this year and into 2021. This may consist of standard pesticide collection events, direct collection from the customer’s site, or a blend of these methods depending on the county’s COVID-19 recovery phase and current state and local operating restrictions.

The program only collects unusable/unwanted agricultural and commercial grade pesticides.

Approved items are:

  • herbicides

  • insecticides

  • fungicides

  • rodenticides

  • other related chemicals that kill, mitigate, or repel a pest.

WSDA cannot accept materials such as fertilizers, micronutrients, motor oil, and Household Hazardous Wastes (HHW).

To participate, follow these steps:
1. Download and complete the customer inventory form. Use the instructions document as a guide. For more information, visit our Waste Pesticide Program webpage.
2. Once completed, submit the form in one of these three convenient ways:
a. Email it to Wastepesticide@agr.wa.gov
b. Fax it to (360) 902-2093
c. Or mail it to the address on the form.
3. A confirmation of receipt will be sent to you. Program staff will contact you and give you further instructions and information about collection activities as they are planned.

We can provide onsite assistance at no charge to safely inventory and package your unwanted pesticides, especially containers in poor condition (cracked, corroded, or leaking). Onsite assistance is available only if you do not feel safe or are unable to handle the pesticides, have pesticide containers larger than 5-gallons with unknown ingredients, or more than ten containers of any size with unknown contents.

We encourage you to contact the program when you have a disposal need. Do not wait for WSDA to announce a collection event! If you have questions, contact WSDA by telephone at (360) 902-2056 or via email at WastePesticide@agr.wa.gov. Please leave a voice message if we are unable to answer your phone call. If assistance is needed in Spanish language, call (509) 961-4605.

In addition, Agri-Plas, Inc. operates an industry-sponsored container recycling program. To recycle empty plastic pesticide containers, call (503) 390-2381, send an email to recycle@agriplasinc.com, or visit their website Agri-Plas Inc. for more information.

WSDA thanks you for your interest in pesticide stewardship, proper disposal of unused products, and recycling your empty containers!

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