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February 11, 11:30 am to 1 pm (via Zoom): Dr. David Hertzog, Director of CENPA and Professor at UW

DID THE MUON HELP DISCOVER NEW PHYSICS? – This year, Dr. Hertzog and the Muon g-2 Collaboration team of more than 200 researchers reported a single number representing the magnetism of an elementary particle – the muon. It followed more than 10 years of effort and represented an investment of approximately $100 M. In parallel, scientists around the world collaborated to predict what Dr. Hertzog and the Muon g-2 Collaboration team would find. They found something different and the world has been buzzing about what it might imply. Dr. Hertzog plans to give a non-experts account of these efforts and let you in on the disciplined process of making measurements at fractions of a part per million in precision.

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