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Rosie the Riveter


Rosie the Riveter By Nancy Aird The iconic face of Rosie promoted the female defense workers during World War II, but the name of the worker was unknown. The first poster image was titled “We Can Do It!”.  J. Howard Miller created the iconic women in a red bandana with her flexed bent arm in a rolled-up shirt sleeve in 1942 as part of the Westinghouse Electric Corp. wartime production campaign. Norman Rockwell created a cover on The Saturday Evening Post on May 29, 1943.   The women had a blue jumpsuit, red bandana in her hair, and was eating a [...]

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Women in Leadership Profile: Assistant Chief Martin


Women in Leadership Profile: Assistant Chief Martin By Deb Moller Assistant Chief Martin of the Washington State Patrol has a strong memory of being five years old, seeing a police car, and knowing that when she grew up, she would work in law enforcement. For AC Martin, this wasn’t the typical quickly passing whimsy of a five-year-old. Seeing that police car was a life-changing event. In her Sudbury, Massachusetts high school, when her sense of humor and class clown antics amused her friends, none of them took her law enforcement talk seriously. She was just too far from the tough, [...]

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Not Nearly Enough


Even predictable natural disasters frequently catch elected officials by surprise. A discouraging number of elected  officials and senior staff act as if  foreseeing and managing potential disaster impacts is a job for “another budget cycle.” So what are they doing in the meantime? Not nearly enough”.

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After the Wildfire – Recovery and Reclamation of Land Tips


After the Wildfire – Recovery and Reclamation of Land Tips By Nancy Aird As the population builds out into rural areas, the chances of wildfire impacting your life increases with damage possible away from the direct wildfire. The severity of the fire impacts not only the vegetation we see, but the soil structure and microbial community beneath. Slopes damaged by wildfire are prone to accelerated soil erosion, floods, and landslides (debris flow) from damaged vegetation and roots that protected the soil. Evaluation of burn conditions on the land after a fire often uses 3 definitions to describe how the soil [...]

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Are You Wildfire Ready?


ARE YOU WILDFIRE READY? Mitigate, Prepare and Prevent By Nancy Aird The wildland urban interface (WUI) is the area where homes are built near or among lands prone to wildland fire. Homeowners value their privacy, natural beauty, recreational opportunities and affordable living created by buying in neighborhoods built in these areas. As a result, rural fire districts more often have to fight fire and protect homes and property within these wildland urban interface areas. Mitigation accepts we cannot prevent everything from happening.  Wildfires and other disasters cannot be eliminated. They will always impact on people, property and resources.   The spark that sets [...]

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What Goes Around…


The Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG) program has long been the life’s blood of state and local government’s ability to prepare, mitigate, respond, and recover from disasters.

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Why We Need More Women in Leadership Roles!


From 2015 to 2018, the Center put on four Women in Leadership Forums centered on different topics from HSEM, Criminal Justice, Information Technology, and Politics.

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Jamye Wisecup Scholarship Request


In 2019, the Jamye Wisecup Memorial Scholarship Fund was established to honor Jamye’s memory. For those who did not have an opportunity to work with her during the years she was an emergency manager in Clallam County, she was the heart and soul of emergency management in her community and made an impact on many people’s lives. Jamye was a Board Member with our Center for many years and her dedication to promote emergency preparedness and her genuine caring for everyone made her exceptional. Peninsula College and the Center Advisory Board have worked together for the past five years to [...]

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