Project Description

Emergency Medical and Health Services Industry Description

The pathway of Emergency Medical and Health Services deals mainly with the performance of basic life-saving skills, which include: control of bleeding, stabilizing fractures, providing oxygen and other necessities to avoid the development or progression of shock, as well as transportation to the emergency room.


A program in this pathway will provide lectures and hands-on practice and techniques in the areas of emergency care, bleeding and shock, soft tissue injuries, environmental emergencies, lifting and moving patients, cardiac arrest management, and more.

Develop Skills In Emergency Medical and Health Services

  • Applying knowledge of anatomy and physiology to patient assessment and management to assure a patent airway, adequate mechanical ventilation, and respiration for patients of all ages.
  • Applying scene information and patient assessment findings to guide emergency management.
  • Evaluation of patients and all emergency treatment procedures short of those rendered by physicians.
  • Assessing and recognizing illness or injury related to medical and traumatic causes.
  • Providing essential life support as well as advanced life support measures to treat illness or injury.

Emergency Medical and Health Services Career Opportunities

  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Police, Fire, and Ambulance Dispatcher
  • Emergency Room Technician
EMS Degree Options