Washington State Training & Exercise Winter Newsletter

Happy holidays! Our EMD staff extends warm thoughts to you and your families over the holiday season.

This week, we completed our Washington State 2017-2019 Training & Exercise Plan. Our plan reflects a collaborative effort that derived from our State Training & Exercise Planning Workshop in August. I appreciate all of the input from local jurisdictions representing each of our state’s nine regions, tribes, state and federal agencies, National Guard and military. Thank you.

We delivered the plan to participants this week for review. After collecting edits, we will publish in mid-December. If you did not receive a copy for review, please let me know and I will get one to you.

Stay safe, keep warm, and consider preparedness gifts (like strapping down Grandmother’s water heater) for stocking stuffers.

2 – State Exercise Program
4 – State Training Program
8 – SEOC Staff Training Program
9 – National Domestic Preparedness Consortium
11 – Radiological Emergency Preparedness
13 – Public Education Program

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