Securing the Supply Chain Forum – April 26, 2017

Securing the Supply Chain Forum 2017

Food Safety, Transparency and Traceability To Secure our Agriculture Economy

Date: April 26, 2017
Location: Highline College – Building 2; Des Moines, WA

The Centers of Excellence for Global Trade & Supply Chain Management and Homeland Security Emergency Management collaborated to conduct a Forum around the educational and business sector of the Supply Chain industry. The purpose of the event was to be a follow-up of the April 13, 2016 ‘Securing the Supply Chain Forum’. This year’s Forum was centered on the topic of ‘Farm to Fork: Food Safety in the Supply Chain’. Food safety is everybody’s’ business, not just the end user, the retailer or the wholesaler, but the whole food system needs to have ownership of food safety. The Forum discussed the challenges, critical issues and important roles of all stakeholders: government, business and industry, and academia. Food protection is at the intersection of food safety, food quality, and food defense. The Forum increased awareness about the potential targets and impacts of food safety emergencies. The Forum provided an opportunity for public and private industry experts, along with educators to gather for a dialogue of key issues impacting food defense and a discussion of the feasibility of a certificate program in food defense. Participants shared key “take aways” Including identification of need for future collaboration of the educational system, farms and other agri-businesses and government to work together to close training and education needs and gaps. Participants also talked about what an “eye opening” day and that food safety is a specialized field that needs a highly educated and trained workforce. One participant mentioned, “So much needed in the educational system that higher education will be employed for a long time.”

The information gathered from the Forum would then be used to work with the community and technical college programs in Washington State to help modify or add new curriculum that live up to the training and education requirements/standards of the industry.

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