Securing the Supply Chain Forum – April 26, 2018

4th Annual Securing the Supply Chain Forum

The Digital Transformation of Supply Chain

“Business, government and education must prepare for an avalanche of new products and services tying together assets, information and well, just things. This will affect industries, society, culture, and of course, the supply chain in ways big and small, obvious and subtle.” Three of our state’s Community and Technical College’s Centers of Excellence joined forces to host this annual event April 26, at Highline College to discuss emerging technologies that will have an effect on industry and workforce development.

This was the 4th “Securing the Supply Chain” event that brought together educators, industry and legal experts, regulators and policy leaders, students and our stakeholders to learn how the supply chain is being transformed by emerging technologies. We encourage you to review the Forum Summary and watch our Youtube video of our Forum’s Faculty Panel discussion with our moderator, Lindsey Williams, Director, CoE for Agriculture and Nature Resources. Lindsey’s questions to the panel were provocative and you will hear directly from our panelists their perspectives on how the future will look in the industry and what education must do to respond. Special thanks to all of our speakers and panelists who contributed their time and talents at no cost to make the Forum a success and to Nancy Aird and other work group members for putting helping to put together the Summary, Forum evaluation and Justin Whitney for the Youtube Video. For more information on this and other upcoming Security the Supply Chain Forum please contact


Forum Facilitator and Speaker –
Bryn Heimbeck, CEO, Trade Tech

Mr. Bryn Heimbeck is Co-Founder of Trade Tech Inc. and serves as its Chief Executive Officer and President.

Mr. Heimbeck began his career working for OOCL in Chicago, then took on several leadership positions for Trade Tech Inc. in Hong Kong. He later moved to Seattle to join a forwarding company and began focusing on the logistics side of the business. He was an early believer that logistics processes could be radically improved through software and automation.

Trade Tech was founded in 1997 in Seattle. Today it has 11 offices in 7 countries and serves +400 customers worldwide. Heimbeck and his team’s vision of a Cloud-based integrated logistics application has earned Trade Tech a leadership position in the industry, creating today’s most innovative and easy to use logistics software solutions.