Partners in Emergency Preparedness Conference

The Partners in Emergency Preparedness Conference

Experiencing Private – Public Partnerships

Date: April 18-20, 2017

The Greater Tacoma Convention and Trade Center
1500 Broadway
Tacoma, WA 98402

The Partners in Emergency Preparedness Conference (a non-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization) is the largest and most successful regional emergency preparedness conference in the Pacific Northwest. Partners in Emergency Preparedness annually hosts nearly 700 people representing business, schools, government, the nonprofit sector, emergency management professionals, and volunteer organizations.

The Partners in Emergency Preparedness Conference attracts top-notch speakers with expertise that includes lessons learned from recent worldwide events like earthquakes, work place violence, current hazards research, contingency planning, school preparedness, technology, media interactions, and public health issues. Speakers and exhibitors provide cutting-edge information on subjects such as business continuity planning, school safety, public health preparedness, homeland security, and public information.

Call for Presentations – Due by September 30th

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*Please note the application will time out after 30 minutes. Applicants should have the following information prepared prior to clicking the submission link: Complete contact information for all presenters including: biographies, title, abstract, objectives, and outcomes for your presentation, and audio visual needs.

Researchers, scholars, and practitioners in, or associated with, emergency management and safety are invited to participate in the Partners in Emergency Preparedness Conference to be held at the Greater Tacoma Convention & Trade Center in Tacoma, WA on April 18-20, 2017. Click Here to learn more.

Registration for the 2017 Partners in Emergency Preparedness Conference is open!

Take advantage of the early-bird price, $350 by signing up by Feb. 27.

For all of our 2017 registration rates and exhibitor pricing, visit our website.

Featured Speakers
We have a great lineup for you! This year’s featured speakers are Desi Matel-Anderson and Eric Giguere.


The first day of the conference (Tuesday, April 18) will feature workshops from 1-5 p.m.

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