The Pacific Northwest EMPA Disaster and Emergency Communication Conference 2019

Who? – EMPA joins the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest EMPA Disaster and Emergency Communication Conference 2019
Information in Emergencies – getting it right, growing it better

Center of Excellence – Homeland Security Emergency Management’s Educator Externship Scholarship Opportunity to Attend the Two-Day Pacific Northwest EMPA Disaster & Emergency Communication Conference!
Note: Only two educator externships will be offered.

Date: Monday August, 12th – Tuesday August 13th

Smith Ballroom, Portland State University
Portland, Oregon

Local and global events almost daily highlight the need for effective communication to inform and inspire the listener to make the decisions they need, quickly and comprehensively to save life, protect property and reputation.

We know if we can get the right message to the right people at the right time, we can help protect lives and livelihoods, homes and animals; we can support people and business through recovery, motivate readiness and resilience.

The nonprofit Emergency Media & Public Affairs (EMPA) is the only international, representative organization of emergency service and disaster communication practitioners in the world.

This year EMPA leaves its Australian and New Zealand shores to come to Portland, here, where the innovative and ‘weird’ idea is the root for growth! We are excited to exchange practical, proven means of communicating through critical situations. We will share frameworks and lessons actually learned – to stimulate thinking, encourage conversation and create change.

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