NFPA Webinar – Local Fire Department Wildfire Preparedness

National Fire Protection Association Free Webinar – Local Fire Department Wildfire Preparedness

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This presentation will focus on quantifying United States fire department personnel and their capabilities, including and not limited to, training, personal protective clothing and the use of auxiliary roles when responding to wildfire events. For the first time fire department performance thresholds for maximum number of structures and area burned will be examined with the objective of characterizing and describing how municipal fire departments are able to handle unusually challenging wildfire fire incidents.

When: Wednesday, February 22, 12:30 p.m. EST

Who: Hylton Haynes, Senior Research Analyst and Thomas McGowan, Senior Fire Service Specialist for NFPA

Why: More and more U.S. municipal fire departments are being called upon to respond to wildfire incidents, but do they have the capability to handle these unusually challenging events? Is your department adequately prepared to respond to wildfires in your community? Learn about the findings in NFPA’s 2015 Needs Assessment survey that focus on wildfire preparedness in local fire departments including:

• Personnel and capabilities
• Training
• Health and wellness
• Personal protective clothing
• The use of auxiliary (support) roles when responding to wildfire events
• Community risk reduction

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