Natural Hazards Mitigation Association Disaster Risk Documentation

Useful New Docs from the NHMA

News from the Natural Hazards Mitigation Association: NHMA has released its update of the venerable Patchwork Quilt white paper which went though some 50 or so editions over the past 20+ years.

The new paper, Building Your Road Map to Disaster Resilient Future (136 pp) is an update of Patchwork Quilt, professionally designed for easy readability, and to provide impetus to do a better job of community development decision-making both pre- and post-disaster. This paper should be useful during recovery from the recent flooding in the Midwest and Arkansas and other places.

Also attached is the current Plan for the NHMA Disaster Risk Reduction Curriculum. 16 pp. Both these documents were developed, in part, using FEMA Cooperating Technical Partners Grant Funds.

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