Is Resilience Enhanced by Supply Chain Continuity Programs – DRI Webinar

Moving beyond firm boundaries: Is resilience enhanced by supply chain continuity programs?

DRI International Webinar Series

Date: Wed, Mar 15, 2017 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PDT
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Webinar Description:
With the advent of globalization, outsourcing, enhanced connectivity, and higher reliance on suppliers, supply chain disruptions have become more prevalent in the recent years. Buyer organizations are placing more emphasis on business continuity programs in their upstream supply chains. Some have started to raise their expectations from their upstream suppliers in terms of risk management and risk mitigation. In this webinar, Donald Klock, a senior global procurement/supply chain executive with over 30 years of international and domestic experience with multiple major multinational consumer products corporations, will explore conceptual and practical developments on supply chain risk, supply chain resilience, and the application of business continuity beyond organizational boundaries. Participants will be exposed to the latest research in supply chain disruptions, supply chain risk, and resilience.

After retiring from Colgate Palmolive, Mr. Klock decided to pursue a second career in teaching. He is a director at Rutgers Center for Supply Chain Management, which is dedicated to the development of leading-edge supply chain strategies and practical solutions to problems encountered by the business community.