Meet the Center’s New Blogger Peter Rekers!

With over 30 years emergency experience, Peter Rekers is professionally recognized as being one of the most veteran and polished crisis management specialists in Australia. His experience encompasses developing crisis management communications systems and risk management systems for private and public sectors, to operational experience in war zones as a senior communications officer, to being a Spokesperson for various agencies and Governments, to coordinating the communication strategy for Tropical Cyclones for the Queensland Government.

After completing a degree in Media Studies, Peter joined the Navy where he trained as a Seaman Officer and Naval Police Officer. He led 100 bush fire fighters in the Blue
Mountains in 1993 and coordinated the media liaison for the Navy for the Tony Bullimore rescue. He was the Australian Naval Commander’s Media Advisor during the 2003 Gulf War and later in Baghdad was the Coalition Media Director.

He was the Manager of Media and Strategy at QLD’s then Department of Emergency Services managing all media liaison for Queensland Fire and Rescue Service and Emergency Management Queensland including coordinating all media liaison for Cyclone Larry.
In his spare time he runs Brisbane based consultancy Crisis Ready. Peter has been a Senior Fellow for the Center since February 2019. He will be working with the Center with the development of an online certificate course through the Center’s HSEM Institute on the topic of risk management and communication in disasters. Other topics will be on high risk events and basic effective communication strategies: defining and meaning of message, establishment of effective dialogue between the responsible parties and their constituencies and the why behind how to establish that effective dialogue.