Internship Opportunity with Shoreline IMT (Incident Management Team)

Intern Duties Description: Planning Section Liaison

Where: DSHS in Lynnwood (1st week has to be in Lynnwood, pending approval may work from home for the rest of the internship). Room and Board will be covered during the time in Lynnwood.  *Note: Room and board will only be covered for interns during the quarter.

When: Rolling internships, starting May 18th – through the summer. Internships will last for 6 weeks and require working from 7:30am – 17:00 or until the work is finished for the day. You will be given days-off and will work about 20 days during the 6-week period. On the application, there will be a place where you can indicate when you can start. Please note that this internship does NOT follow the traditional academic calendar.

What: Assisting the Shoreline IMT (Incident Management Team). Read below for more details. This is an unpaid internship or volunteer position.

Why: This will be a fantastic learning opportunity and a huge service to Washington state and the community. This can either be done as an internship or as a volunteer position.

Who should I ask if I have more questions? You should ask the coordinator of the Criminal Justice Program at your college, if you have additional questions.

If you are interested in applying for an internship position, please fill out our survey application here.


Introduction to the Shoreline IMT

Our team consists of liaisons for each of the branches that do the Epidemiology response work for Washington State. We liaison between the Shoreline IMT (Incident Management Team) Incident Command and each of the branches that perform the Epidemiology-focused work. Currently, there are 4 branches with 10 combined groups that we serve with 5 liaisons. Things tend to change quickly, and branches and/or groups may get created or re-arranged during your time with us. This position reports to the Planning Section Liaison Coordinator, who reports to the Planning Section Chief. The position is required seven days per week.

Please note that you will be screened daily for coronavirus while working on site. You will also be required to social distance and encouraged to wear PPE while you are working on site. Surgical masks will be provided upon request or you are welcome to bring your own. Any concerns can be addressed by the IMT.

If you have been exposed to coronavirus, you will be required to self-quarantine for 14 days from the date of exposure before you start the internship.

Your primary function is to respond to needs for staff resources in the Shoreline Operations Section:

  • Disease Containment Branch: 1 liaison
  • Surveillance and Informatics Branch: 2 liaisons1 liaison for the Surveillance group
    • 1 liaison for the Informatics group
  • Outbreak and Response Branch: 1 liaison*
  • Statewide Testing Branch: 1 liaison**


* The liaison for the Outbreak and Response Branch also liaisons for the Testing Group, which is part of the Statewide Testing Branch.


**The liaison for the PHL Group also functions as the Operations Section (OPS) Admin and the Planning Operations Chief (PLOP) Admin.


Work Functions

Planning Section Liaisons will be responsible for the following tasks:

  1. Monitor shared email inbox.
    1. Monitor Epi Liaison inbox for requests to fix, change, and update master staffing tracker as needed.
  2. Prepare and liaison IMT-focused planning tools.
    1. Update 204 forms for each planning cycle’s Incident Action Plan (IAP).
    2. Assist branch director to prepare weekly performance metric tool.
  3. Schedule staff.
    1. This is the main duty of this position. Assist your assigned branch director or group lead to maintain consistent staffing and keep the master staffing tracker up-to-date.
    2. Assist in filling new positions, as requested by your branch director or group lead. Follow process for 213 RR forms.
  4. Function as the primary contact point for branch directors and group leads. Assist and guide them to adhere to IMT-specific staff activation process, as needed.


Daily Schedule:

7:30 Operations Section Briefing

8:00 Liaison Coordinator AM Huddle

Before 11:00 Update and submit 204 forms for next planning cycle

13:30 Tactics Meeting

15:00 Planning Section meeting (optional for liaisons)

16:30 Liaison Coordinator PM Huddle

17:00 end of day


Required Computer Proficiencies:

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word
  • Optional: Familiarity with Microsoft SharePoint


Required Attitudes:

  • Flexible
  • Quick Learner
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Proactive thinker
  • Team player



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