Incident Command System to Emergency Operations Center Interface (G-191)


The course provides an opportunity for emergency management and response personnel to begin developing an Incident Command System (ICS)/Emergency Operations Center (EOC) interface for their communities. The course reviews ICS and EOC characteristics, responsibilities and functions and depends heavily on activities and group discussions to formulate an interface.

Date: February 21st
Location: Everett, WA

• Define the course goals and objectives.
• Describe ICS principles.
• Using scenarios, analyze the ICS and EOC systems andidentify potential interface issues.
• Describe Multi-Agency Coordination/EOCprinciples.
• Identify the authorities, responsibilities, interests,needs, and assets of ICS and EOC during emergencyoperations.
• Apply ICS/EOC interface concepts in a classroomactivity situation.
• Begin developing an ICS/EOC interface action plan foryour community.

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