ICS Instructor Development Workshop

How do good ICS instructors get to be great ICS instructors? Opportunities to work with other instructors and view alternative strategies and methods are scarce. This workshop provides you with a one-time opportunity for those who are already State-approved ICS instructors.

The two days will cover the teaching of basic ICS principles including:

• What are YOUR challenges in teaching ICS basic principles and concepts?
• Getting students to understand why ICS works in every incident, no matter what the discipline
• The missing step in teaching students how to create Objectives
• An instructor evaluation tool for assessing if Objectives are SMART
• Making PPOST memorable
• A simple way of explaining virtually all aspects of resource management to any class
• Discussing why “Ensure the Safety of the Responders” is a poor Objective
• Making every ICS form a “no-brainer” to teach
• Why Common Terminology is not common terminology
• Ensuring students understand every support Unit’s role
• Examples ICS success stories

To register follow the links to the two offerings in Washington State:

ICS Instructor Development Workshop: April 11-12, 2018, Spokane: REVIEW AND APPLY
ICS Instructor Development Workshop: April 17-18, 2018, Camp Murray: REVIEW AND APPLY

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