HSEM Institute

HSEM All Hazard Training Institute

The HSEM All Hazard Training Institute will deliver multi-disciplinary EM training and education to adult learners. Students will be able to obtain and/or renew critical skills which will improve their on the job performance or advance in their current position or improve their ability to compete for a job in a new organization or different industry. Courses may be credit or non credit.

The HSEM Institute will also provide access to technical assistance on a variety of Homeland Security and Emergency Management related topics such as:

  • Campus Safety and Security
  • Business Continuity or Continuity of Operations Planning
  • Hazards Mitigation Planning
  • Pandemic Planning
  • Global Travel Safety and Security
  • Crisis Communications
  • Risk Assessment and Communication

The HSEM Institute has an extensive list of subject matter experts that are available to deliver technical assistance via presentations, trainings, and written plans or assessments.