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“What If” – Some Thoughts for Late Summer Emergency Management, Once Removed,August, 2016

Both major political parties have settled upon their respective presidential tickets. It seems reasonable to gauge the impact that a victory for either major party candidate might have on homeland security and emergency management disciplines.
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IEDC Disaster Preparedness and Economic Recovery Webinar Series

The free IEDC Disaster Preparedness and Economic Recovery webinar series is a yearly series that provides practical information on key topics for economic development organizations and chambers of commerce. Each seminar hosts economic recovery...
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Efficiency vs. Effectiveness – Emergency Management, Once Removed, July, 2016

Director Linda Crerar of the Homeland Security Emergency Management (HSEM) program has been after me to discuss what policy issues should be part of the Bachelor’s in Arts and Sciences (BAS) degree that will soon be offered. I have decided to take the plunge...
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The Handbook for Campus Safety and Security Reporting

This handbook was developed by the U.S. Department of Education to present step-by-step procedures, examples, and references for higher education institutions to follow in meeting the campus safety and security requirements of the Higher Education Act of 1965.
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Call 211

Answer the Call – 211 for Help with Problems

Problems are a part of life and some are harder to deal with than others. When you can't do it alone and need help you can call 211 and receive assistance. Watch this video to learn more.
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On Seismic Neglect – Emergency Management, Once Removed, May, 2016

Sunday May 15 the Seattle Times (“Seismic Neglect” seattletimes.com) began a series that critiques the lack of leadership with respect to addressing the seismic risk of Washington State, and in particular that Seattle faces.
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IAEM Scholarship Program

The International Association of Emergency Managers established the IAEM Scholarship Program to nurture, promote and develop disaster preparedness and resistance by furthering education.
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CyberWatch West (CWW)

The CyberWatch West Center is committed to improving the quantity and quality of existing cybersecurity resources and building upon these resources to develop effective training and teaching modules. By concentrating on student development...
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Run, Hide & Fight – Surviving an Active Shooter Event Video

Surviving an active shooter event. English version. Video Copyright © 2012 City of Houston.
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U.S. Customs

Vets 4 HIRE Fellowship Program

The Vets 4 HIRE Fellowship Program to support military service personnel and veterans in making a successful transition from military to civilian employment and to provide a pipeline of skilled veteran talent for positions within King County.
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Securing the Supply Chain Forum was a Success

The Securing the Supply Chain Forum at Highline College was a great success. Dr. Jack Bermingham, President of Highline College, welcomed everyone, while three panels talked about the risk in the supply chain, corruption cybersecurity key industry issues and more.
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Hurricane Response

Preparing For Transition – Emergency Management, Once Removed, April, 2016

Each year, National Emergency Management Association (NEMA) holds a midyear Issues forum, typically in Alexandria, Virginia. It’s a good opportunity to check on the major issues and challenges confronting emergency management...
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Campus Safety Mobile Apps

In recent years, we have seen a rise in the creation of mobile apps designed for safety and security. In combination with the technical abilities of smartphones, the creation and demand for safety apps is growing out of security concerns across the nation...
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Pierce College

Pierce College Foundation Scholarship

Multiple donors and award amounts under one application. Must be enrolled in at least 10 credits at Pierce College, 3.0 or greater GPA, one page essay, letter of recommendation, completed FAFSA application on file with Pierce College Financial Aid.
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Renton Tech

Albertson & Davidson Scholarship

One time award of $2,500. Requirements are that you must be a U.S. citizen, be attending an accredited college/university Fall 2016, requires 500 word essay submission to scholarship prompt.
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Contemplating the Day After – Emergency Management, Once Removed, March, 2016

As a major earthquake exercise for the Northwest (CASCADIA RISING) approaches we might ask ourselves why we are doing this and for whom are we doing it? March 11, 2016 is the 5th year anniversary of the Sendai Earthquake in Japan. That quake did major damage...
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A Special Note on the 15th Anniversary of the Nisqually Earthquake – Emergency Management, Once Removed, February (2), 2016

February 28, 2016 marks the 15th anniversary of the Nisqually Earthquake. I have some vivid memories of that day, but the primary value in looking backward is to assess how far we have come, and how far we have yet to go, to be prepared for that BIG ONE...
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The National Center for Campus Public Safety

The National Center for Campus Public Safety's (NCCPS or the National Center) mission is to bring together all forms of campus public safety, professional associations, advocacy organizations, community leaders, and others to improve and expand services...
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What’s In a Name? Educating Emergency Managers – Emergency Management, Once Removed, February, 2016

Before launching onto this month’s blog, has anyone else been angered by the expropriation of the title “emergency manager” by the state of Michigan, to describe state-appointed fiscal overseers of local government in the city of Flint making decisions that resulted...
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I am a Veteran – What You Need to Know (SBCTC)

Veterans, you served our country. Now let us serve you. Our colleges offer small class sizes, flexible hours, veterans services and real-world education and training so you can hit the ground running. Every college has a veterans resource center to help...
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